over 300 performers including award winning musicians + circus + child prodigies + street theatre + magic + record breaking stunts + contortion + crack up comedy + dance + puppeteering + loads more   

DEFINITION OF BUSKER:  Someone who entertains in a public place for donations!

Buskers by the Creek celebrates the old fashioned art of busking and our talent are only paid by your tips and purchase of their merchandise. 

This year we've got talent travelling from around the globe to entertain you. If you like what you see or hear, don't forget to give generously and grab a cd or ten to add to your collection!  Every dollar counts towards their ride on the road to success!   

Our busking line-up below is updated weekly, so stay tuned for more!  The 'Buskers Times' will be available here soon and a take home souvenir copy can be snagged at the festival - it includes the chance to WIN the Airlie Beach Festival of Music Treasure!     

Ben Barker

Jade Peterson

James D’Khan

Only One

Juzzie Smith

Dawn of Dusk

The Old Married Couple

Kaitlyn Martin

Mark Ridout & The Rhythm

Euphoria Under Fire

Rod Nerva

Keegan Sparke

Currumbin Cheer

Sam Hay

Blue Skillet Rovers

Ruby Gilbert

Karrie Hayward

Lisa Lazuli

Van Larkins

Harry J Hart

Strings Mignon

Phil Barlow

Catherine Gunther

Dan the Hat

Pete Allan

Dan Horne

Ryuichi HOZAKI

Luis James

Áine Tyrrell

Ethan Hill


Tessa Devine

Brad Palmer

Jax Haze

Liv Heyer

Ziggy McNeill

Mick Albeck

Sean Fitzgerald

Tennyson King

Nicole Brophy


Johnny Diamond

Anthony Pieters

Andrew Cousins

In Audela

Tay Oskee

The Wayward Suns

Frank Swaby

Sam McCann


Chandler Jay


Rhys Davidson

Dylan Mackenzie

Nyssa Ray

The Heart Collectors

James Bennett

Alessandro Martinese

Out of Range

Eduardo Curva and Julia Dorry

Big Fella Linc

Malia Stirling

Alex & Bec Crook


Daryl James

Sweet Fusion

Adam Harpaz


Lalita and the Alohas

Steve Payne

Nina Ward

Grant Robert Coulson

Burger Joint


EmmyJae Lake

Krazy Koala Puppet Show

Hayden John

Lily Woodiwiss

Eleea Navarro

Sophia Eurell

Kel Itong

Gemma Owens

Cecilia Brandolini

Rachel By The Stream

Piper Butcher

Sticky Rock



JG & Moriarty


Kris Wason

Neta and Liv

Zac Hubbard

Captain Tricko & His Low Rent Orchestra

The Calling Brothers


Mitchells Fold

Ueiri Franca

Oliver Carter-Beck

Sarah Koppen

Chasing Velvet

Mike Mathews

Oliver Twohill

Izzy Day

Valley Vibes

Mark Seato

Alexander William

Dreams of Indigo

Ella Belfanti

Hannah McLeod

Shane Mead

The Presidential Blues Band


Sophia Fletcher

Naomi Christine

Courtney-Paige Whitehead


Favourite Son

Salt and Steel

Jon Levy

Matty Rogers

Black Kite

Gabriella Pegler

Saoirse Harding

Lily-Jade Fitch

Kenny Harris

Luke Houselander

Paris & Nate

Quinn & Chelsea

Benjamin Perrin

Voice of an Angel

Hannah Parrington

The Meerdogs

Georgie Taylor

Emma Whines

Space Cowboy

Chance Encounter

Helen Ashworth

Katie Who


Josh Lee Hamilton

Colour and Shape

Agnes The Witch


Andre Reginato

Silk 'N' Oak


Zenith Thomas

John Sammers

Lauren Curtis

Josh King


Amy Little

The Dennis Sisters

Suzi McCarter

Bianca Power

Shotgun Shae

Martin Worboyes

El Tur Latin Music

David Hethorn

Kenny Slide

The Bridge

The Poet Louise Moriarty

Captain Frodo


Le Bouy

Energy Entertainments


Buskers by the creek

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