over 300 performers including award winning musicians + circus + child prodigies + street theatre + magic + record breaking stunts + contortion + crack up comedy + dance + puppeteering + loads more   

DEFINITION OF BUSKER:  Someone who entertains in a public place for donations!

Buskers by the Creek celebrates the old fashioned art of busking and our talent are only paid by your tips and purchase of their merchandise. 

This year we've got talent travelling from around the globe to entertain you. If you like what you see or hear, don't forget to give generously and grab a cd or ten to add to your collection!  Every dollar counts towards their ride on the road to success!  

What's on and where?  Download the 'Buskers Times' here and a take home souvenir copy can be snagged at the festival - it includes details on how to WIN tickets to Airlie Beach Festival of Music on the 9th, 10th and 11th November!


Agnes the Witch

Amy Elise

Annabel Sara Music

Ash Riske

Belinda Tigell

Ben Barker

Big Splash 24

Brad Palmer Blues Session

John Lindsay

Cleo Phoenix

Elly Batchelor

Emma Hudson

Emmagen Rain

Flynn Edwards

Issy Burnup

Jodie Cowie Music

Jolley Wild

King Louie & Cruizie Suzie

Lachlan Hawkins

Lalita and the Alohas

Latin Roots

Lost Belongings

Mel Scarlett

Jacinta Gilligan

Olivia Rosebery

Saoirse Harding

Sean Fitzgerald


Sky Eater

Skyhigh Juggling


Sticky Rock

The Cool Eye

Gypsy Soldiers

Eloise Robertson

Space Cowboy

Faith & Rose

Hayden John

Innocent Eve

Jessica Maree

Joshy Dredz


Kiki and Pascal

Lachlan Grant Splendor

Malia Stirling

Nikolaine Martin

Palm Valley

Budjerah Slabb

The Brothers Calling

Energy Entertainment


Anthony Pieters Artist

Emmy Jae

Dreams of Indigo



Ella Belfanti

Dan Hannaford

Lily Grace Live

The Genez

Chandler Jay

Jimmy J

Daryl James

Grant Robert Coulson

A & J Duo

Danny Dyson

The Jackson King Experience

The Wayward Suns

Haystack Mountain Hermits

Liv Heyer

Ollie Twohill


RePercussion Drumming

Taleena Peck

Cheeky Chaplin

Tin Parlour

Emily Rink

Kel Itong

Billy James is Mr Blues Harmonica

Wanita Honky Tonk Queen

Slips & The F.W.'s

The Goldhearts

Bendy Em

Shiloh K

Erban Refugee

Bridge Left

Mardi Wilson

Maddie Rose Music

Old Man Friday

Scrubby Pete


Matty Rogers

Andrew Cousins


The Bridge

Molly Adey


Melon the Human

Chev Wilson

Harry J Hart

Humblet (Solo)

Boy Blue


The Enns Zone

Running Duck Theatre Company

Cold Goats

Burger Joint

William Martinelli

Lachlan Beake


Ash Perrow

Ryan Munro

Judd & Robynn

The Pipis

Jade Stoddart


Naomi Connell

Stan Rosenberg

Maddie Rae

Jacob Biermann

Natasha Bitancurt

She Got Salty Bones

Tim Pitchford



Sari Abbott

1st World boy

Mia Bailey

Adam Shannon


Mayan Fox

Lily J

Felicity Kircher

Summer Robertson

Bayley Pearl

Gold Coast Drumline

8am Gin

Izzy McPherson+Tora Cordelia+Maddie Pease

Christina Lai

Haylie Powell

Taniah Myers

Mistie Mildenhall


Buskers by the creek

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